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08 Feb 2017

Any man can be expected to have inner desires within themselves. It is quite a common thing that seems to be a dominant part of the person’s existence owing to the fact that the people from any part of the world always have some or the other fantasy. Conventionally the biggest fantasy of a man is to be able to spend some sensuous moments with a beautiful woman. It is also an equally true fact that each and every single man does not get the opportunity to spend some quality time with beautiful woman or the woman of their dreams. … Continue reading “Letting Your Inner Desires Meet Reality”

17 Mar 2017

If you ask couples what is the most thing about their partners, the most probable answer that you will get from them will be their looks for physical attractiveness. However, it is quite strange that people feel shy or do not like to share information on how good their partners are in the bed because most of us want to keep our bedroom stories secret. During the years of adolescence, like other women, I too expected to have a desirable partner in life, who would not only understand and value my feelings but love me a lot. However, I got … Continue reading “How Escorts Can Help People Who Do Not Like to Fall in a Relationship”

20 Jun 2017

If your goal is to rank, look and do better than on search engine result page in front of your clients. Schema tags will help you in the best possible way. Navigate to Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper. Here you can select the type of data you want to markup or you are planning on marking up. You will see several options but you have to choose the type in accordance with the content you are using. Now just paste the URL of the specific page or the article you want to markup. If you are still using HTML then … Continue reading “How to use schema tags for your website?”

12 Aug 2017

What a place to have been residing Hearts of its visitors, Liverpool has attracted me a lot truly! One of the most preferred tourist locations in the UK, the city has a rate of success high in attracting a huge number of visitors every year. Yes, it is possible on availability of elite yet professional Liverpool escorts who are perfect guide to help fun lovers earn quality time there. If I talk about my experience out there, then I would say that this is none other than the Heaven for fun seekers on the earth. To travel, eat, and create … Continue reading “Why are Escorts in Liverpool So Special?”

23 Aug 2017

Bow down for one of lovely escort girls in Cheshire who has made my trip truly fulsome with unforgettable moments ever. As the city is famous for its polite etiquette and sophistication all across it, one of its elite companions has made it possible really. To take rest from my work, I plan to travel across my country every year. Though I have travelled almost the whole world, Cheshire… only Cheshire is the place to have convinced me come there again and again even two times in a year. Fulsome with many attractions to engage its visitors/tourists, the city has … Continue reading “When an Escort in Cheshire has Fulfilled my all Erotic Needs….”

12 Sep 2017

Are you one of them who enjoy company of male escort? Are you to search for company of elite male escort? And are you hiring service of a Male Escort for the first time? If it is so, then this blog is a must-read. Yes, it is sure to give you useful tips essential to get the finest man with a professional male escort service in the UK. Usually, it is not all about male escorts who are excellent when it comes to giving quality service to clients. There are some who are new in the business and some do … Continue reading “Top 4 Tips While Hiring Male Escorts”

27 Sep 2017

Yes, it is true to believe that photos of escorts at Playful Asian Escorts are genuine; it affirms that “what you see is what you get”. With an aim to offer bespoke services, the agency has ensured to become the first choice for its clients. No matter what trip one needs an escort for, the agency has every type of escorts able to turn it into an interesting tale. Though there are many agencies in the city, this agency believes to provide what we mean exactly to offer our clients. Just take a look at our gallery, wherein photos and … Continue reading “Are Pictures of Escorts on Playful Asian Escorts Website Real?”

16 Oct 2017

My name is Harry, and I’m an escorting agency owner with years of experience as a male escort, I never really thought I’d ever become a male escort or even get to own an escorting agency today, my friends would know what I’m talking about. I mean, I never thought of it or even dreamt it was my calling because I used to perceive myself to be an introvert and I really enjoyed my solitude during those days before I became an escort. Women used to hire me for a lot of reasons, mostly the ones that are rich and … Continue reading “The Day I Made a Choice to Become a Male Escort”

04 Nov 2017

Sure! She makes you feel ecstasy offering you all of her attention and she ensures to look and feel good for you. Do not you think it is only Right that you make your Liverpool escort girl feel special in return. Our sexy Liverpool escorts give these five ways to please her and guarantee that she will be land in your hands amorously. Shoes: Your Liverpool escort will love to dress up, and nothing makes a lady feel hotter than wearing a striking pair of high heels. Ask over her to leave them on while you thrust deep inside her. … Continue reading “Ways to please Liverpool Escorts”

09 Jan 2018

Famous among its clients for availability of best escort services, the agency is now successful even across the city. Meaning that it has left No City to add in its locations, it utters almost to cover every city/place of England. So beauty and geniality of Lancashire have not stopped the agency to step in. With availability of many attractions that start from exclusive hotels, nightclubs, pubs to bars, the city is now one of the best places for leisure activities. No matter you are old or youngster visiting to the city, company of Lancashire escorts from Shush Escorts assists in … Continue reading “Reasons on Shush Escorts to become Escort Agency in Manchester”

22 Feb 2018

I see this every year, but I have never imagined that one day it would be my turn. Every February 15, the news of girls who have been jilted by their boyfriends always fill the media. I read some of the posts and feel sorry for the ladies while I read others and laugh. When it happened to me on February 14, 2018, I would have hurt myself if not for men escorts. I have been dating this guy for two years. We used to live in the same neighbourhood until I got a job that made me travel to … Continue reading “Men Escorts to the Rescue”

11 May 2018

Les Escort de Lausanne suivent des formations spécifiques pour procurer le plaisir, voici quelques secrets. Le sexe peut être l’une des plus belles expressions de l’intimité, du désir et de l’amour pour un partenaire ou un amant. Pour les hommes comme pour les femmes, l’acte de donner du sexe oral peut en fait créer des sensations dans tout le corps qui augmenteront les sentiments du plaisir sexuel. Certaines femmes déclarent que le sexe oral les excite plus que tout autre type de préliminaires. Voyons les choses en face : il est incroyablement sexy d’observer quelqu’un d’autre qui éprouve du plaisir … Continue reading “Escort à Lausanne: L’art du sexe oral conscient: le guide pour les hommes et les femmes”

05 Jun 2018

Men want more sex than they can normally get. They certainly want more sex than the average woman wants to supply them with. Especially after a few years of marriage and familiarity. Men are also drawn to beauty, stimulation and youth as well. In the same way that women are drawn to power and security. All of this creates what academics such as Catherine Hakim who wrote the best selling book Honey Money calls a sexual deficit. So, there has been a trade in the supply of sexual services since, well, forever. Even female apes swap sex for food and … Continue reading “MODERN COURTESANS”

21 Jun 2018

Human trafficking, slavery, people trafficking, I hate all variations on the theme. Forcing any human being to do what they do not want to do is immoral, evil and wrong. I despise everyone involved in the trade. They are all evil scum. No exceptions. I will happily support the idea of everyone in human trafficking being punished in the most arcane ways possible. Full on medieval on them if that is what floats your boat. But I have one precondition to that. As long as the definition of human trafficking and people trafficking is limited to those who force people … Continue reading “Not All Escorts Are The Same”

11 Jul 2018

Carmine is one of the most ubiquitous food colourings. It is found in every day products such as puddings and yoghurts, as well as in cosmetic products such as lipsticks. It is made from the ground up dead bodies of the cochineal insect which is found in South America, especially Peru. All of which means that you have been eating or even wearing insects for your whole life. Supporters of the use of this product also point out that it is a natural product which was first discovered and used by the Mayans and then the Aztecs more than five … Continue reading “Eating Insects And Having Sex With Hookers”

13 Jul 2018

Your Night With a Hot Escort Chester is home to some of the best escorts in the UK – so why not hire one and see what all the fuss is about? If you’ve been searching for a gorgeous girl in Chester, then may we suggest something? More and more guys are using escort agencies to arrange dates in the city, and it’s easy to see why. You can arrange a date at a time and place that suits you, and you get to call the shots throughout. If you have never experimented with paid dates before, then there’s no … Continue reading “Cheeky In Chester”

18 Jul 2018

The sex business is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a business. Most people do not realise that, but it is absolutely true. And I guess I have been preparing for my current role in running sex businesses all my life – without realising it – I hasten to add. I pretty much doubt that Her Majesty’s Armed Forces or Security Services quite appreciated what training they were giving me over the years. But it is strange the way things work out. A few years ago I thought about a list of skills that someone might need if they … Continue reading “OpSec And The Sex Industry”

24 Jul 2018

Let me start with the same warning that I always do. I am going to quote Molly Blooms lawyer from the book and move Molls Game. “Don’t break the law when you are breaking the law,”. Prostitution may or may not be legal where you are. My first piece of advice, if it is illegal and you are not a career criminal, do something else. But even if the sex business is legal where your business is going to be, not paying your taxes will always be illegal. I guarantee you that if your books and tax affairs are not … Continue reading “Getting An Escort Agency Started”

21 Aug 2018

Meeting an escort lady is exiting like a first date. But what to do if your escort booking went wrong. Here are suggestions about what you should expect or demand if you had a bad experience with an escort girl. Stay calm and do not get angry with the escort. Do not get angry with escort girl but instead call your agency and explain what has happened. It all depends what went wrong. The escort agency might suggest someone else with a significant discount or will try to give you part of your money back from the meeting which went … Continue reading “Bad Escort Experience”

21 Aug 2018

It only weighs the same as an egg – Although the internet is obviously indescribably huge; over a trillion easily findable pages, plus many times more than that on the dark web which cannot be found through a conventional browser, it is also tiny. Experts have calculated that if all of the electrons that make up the data on the internet were collected together, they would weight approximately fifty grams. Which is the equivalent of one medium sized egg. That is an incredible fact considering the amount of information that the internet and world wide web contain. Sex is at … Continue reading “What You Dont Know About The Internet”

10 Sep 2018

Lots of things in life are unpredictable and you do not see them coming. On the other hand, choke points are predictable and if you can screw around with any of the variables – location, direction of approach, method of approach or actions on location – you can turn a choke point into an opportunity. So, coming into the car park from the furthest door from my car was second nature to me. As was undoing the lightbulb in the stairwell behind the door so that I did not announce that someone was entering the car park and drawing attention … Continue reading “Lots Of Things Are Predictable”

13 Sep 2018

So what is motivation? I suppose it is the willingness to do something. But in real life that is not going to get me very far. So it has to be much more than such a simple definition. I guess that if the thing you are motivated to do gives you tonnes of satisfaction and or pleasure then you should be motivated. This certainly can be the case; however unless it is a really strong desire then it might not get you off the “starting blocks”. I would for example say that the pleasure of a healthy attractive body should … Continue reading “What Is Motivation?”

18 Sep 2018

Why Are More Women Hiring Call Girls? The singer Lily Allen recently revealed she had hired escorts because she was lonely, and the news got lots of people talking. As a pop star who regularly hits the headlines for her colourful private life, none of us should be surprised to find Lily Allen on the front page of a newspaper. Her latest escapades were far from your normal gossip magazine fodder though. Lily took the unprecedented step of admitting that she hired female escorts to help her during a very lonely period in her life. The story prompted a big … Continue reading “Lily Allen Slept With Escorts To Combat Loneliness”

24 Sep 2018

I think that the ego pressures on younger modern men and therefore the insecurities that egt generated are far worse for younger men now than they were for their older counterparts. The pressure to be physically perfect is greater for men than ever – just look at the constant guff about Hollywood super hero body transformations – and there are greater financial and status pressures at the same time. Clothes, cars, laptops, so much is about what you have, what you look like and what you earn rather than who you are for men these days. It is hardly any … Continue reading “Fragile Male Egos And Escorts”

04 Jan 2019

Looking forward to spending a great time when in London? If you are visiting Essex in London for any reason, there is ample scope to enjoy in this beautiful place. Essex is a small county in Southeast England. One of the major aspects of feeling great during a trip to Essex in London is hiring escorts in Essex to have the best experiences of life. There are several ways to have great entertainment and pleasures of life in Essex, London. As such, hiring a professional Essex escort is regarded as one of the best ways out there in which businessmen … Continue reading “Type of Pleasure to Expect from the Essex Escorts”

11 Jan 2019

Men often desire a few attributes in their partners. This prompts them to go looking for a partner who has those qualities. However, for many men, this search can end in disappointment. Thankfully, they no longer have to search far and wide as Manchester escorts have the qualities that most men desire from their partners. Sultry Looks Appearance matters whether you want to accept it or not. Most men want sexy and gorgeous women. You will have men spouting off that looks don’t matter, however one of their secret desires is to be in the company of sexy and seductive … Continue reading “Manchester Escorts Have Qualities that men desire from their partner”