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Fragile Male Egos And Escorts

I think that the ego pressures on younger modern men and therefore the insecurities that egt generated are far worse for younger men now than they were for their older counterparts. The pressure to be physically perfect is greater for men than ever – just look at the constant guff about Hollywood super hero body transformations – and there are greater financial and status pressures at the same time. Clothes, cars, laptops, so much is about what you have, what you look like and what you earn rather than who you are for men these days. It is hardly any wonder that men seek solace and reassurance in the arms of a beautiful woman whose focused attention is assured and paid for by the hour? Escorts are uin business because men need to feel special. Most of the time they are in the business of delivering an ego stroking. Sex is just the mechanism that they use.

escorts Madrid

Most women who are not in the sex industry do not realise just how common it is for men to simply need to unload on an emotional level. Partly that is because most women just do not see as many men as a successful woman who escorts Madrid visitors does. But it is more that most women are, like most men, too busy in their own heads to recognise what the significant other in their life really needs. Men are worried and paranoid about women judging them. Though, as the saying goes, it is not paranoia if it is true. Women do judge men against standards that would be shockingly unacceptable if the gender roles were reversed. Men worry horribly about asking women to compliment them, fearing that they will be seen as needy and weak, and therefore undesirable. Asnd you know what? They are right to fesar that because the majority of women will do just that. So they keep theur guard up at all times and the pressure builds up.

Most men yearn desperately for a woman who does not and will not judge them. But they can not find that in their everyday lives. Every time they hear a woman making fun of a man for not having a big enough cock or not having a perfect body, or failing to do something, they get a little bit more defensive. And you can not bottle that up all the time and feel healthy, mentally or physically. So young men get into fights, get drunk and see escorts. They need an outlet to make them feel like a man. For many men, just sitting around naked and talking with a stunningly beautiful woman is all the release that they need. After all, a professional escort is not exactly going to judge you by the state of your physique is she?

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