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I see this every year, but I have never imagined that one day it would be my turn. Every February 15, the news of girls who have been jilted by their boyfriends always fill the media. I read some of the posts and feel sorry for the ladies while I read others and laugh. When it happened to me on February 14, 2018, I would have hurt myself if not for men escorts.

I have been dating this guy for two years. We used to live in the same neighbourhood until I got a job that made me travel to another city. It was a tough decision leaving him while I traveled to another city but it was my dream job, and there was no way I could turn it down.

I left around April last year, but we agreed that we would keep in touch every day. For the first four months after our separation, he called me regularly. It was really exciting chatting or talking with him. Thanks to technology, we could video call on Skype, and this nullified the distance barrier.

Then, my workload increased. I had several deadlines I had to meet, or I risked losing my job to the next application letter on my manager’s desk. I started to arrive home late, and whenever I got home, I would struggle to chat with my boyfriend for thirty minutes tops and fall asleep.

He complained and complained about my lack of attention, but there was really nothing I could do about it. Gradually, his calls and messages declined. Even when I tried to reach him, he was not always available. Sometimes he would return the call and at other times he would not.

Last Valentine’s Day, I wanted to give him a pleasing surprise, so I took permission from my manager to travel home for a week. I arrived on Sunday. Between Monday (12th ) and Tuesday (13th), I was busy making preparations, sorting out what I would get for my boyfriend to make up for the lost time as well as where I would take him.

I was certain he would be surprised to see me because I never told him I was coming back. On the afternoon of February 14, 2018, I took the presents I bought and went to his house. My heart raced beneath my breast out of anxiety.  I stopped in front of his house and paid the taxi driver – with a tip. Love was in the air, and I was feeling generous.

I stood at his door, took a deep breath and pressed the doorbell. Normally, he comes to get the door before the bell rings out but this time he didn’t. I pressed the bell again and again but no reply. I concluded that maybe he was not at home. I didn’t want to call his line because it would spoil the entire surprise.

I pressed one more time and readied to leave when I heard footsteps. My heart began to beat faster. I hand-pressed my dress and touched up my hair. He opened the door halfway and stood there. I was expecting him to scream, hug me and raise me high as he used to but none of that happened. I was trying to surprise him but guess I received a bigger surprise.

I was dumbfounded wondering what had happened. I wanted to ask for his forgiveness, but I heard a female voice from within. “I will there in a minute,” he said in reply.

I broke down in tears, turned back and began to leave. A little distance away I heard him slam his door shut.  As I went home, I met a group of men escorts on the way. I didn’t know where they were heading to, but they were concerned that I was crying.

One of the men escorts said, “Whatever that broke the spirit of a pretty young must be strong”.

Although I have never met these men escorts before, they were so kind to me. They took me to a restaurant where they consoled and advised me. I was already feeling better when I left. All the depression and negative emotions left me. If not for them I would have done something crazy if I went home the way I was before meeting them.

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