How to use schema tags for your website?

If your goal is to rank, look and do better than on search engine result page in front of your clients. Schema tags will help you in the best possible way.

  1. Navigate to Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper.
  2. Here you can select the type of data you want to markup or you are planning on marking up.
  3. You will see several options but you have to choose the type in accordance with the content you are using.
  4. Now just paste the URL of the specific page or the article you want to markup.
  5. If you are still using HTML then you can even paste that instead of URL.
  6. Click on ‘Start Tagging’ Icon. As soon as you click on it the same page will load in the markup tool which will give you a workspace for next phase that is tagging items.
  7. The web page will be on left panel while the data items on the right panel.
  8. Make sure to highlight the type of elements to be marked up before hand.
  9. You can add several items to this process.
  10. You can continue adding markup items. Keep in mind that you would not be able to add every time in the list. Try to pick the most important ones.
  11. Once you have finished marking find the icon ‘Create HTML’
  12. The icon will be on top most right corner of the screen then just click on it.
  13. After clicking on the new window you will see the HTML coding of your page with the specific data inserted on the selected spots.
  14. Finally, Add schema markup to your website.
  15. Open the content management system for your website if not found open the source code
  16. Add the highlighted snippets on the accurate spots.
  17. Yellow marker on the right side shows the implement schema markup code.
  18. Or if you do not want to waste this much time just download the automatically generated HTML file and copy/paste into your code.
  19. Now you can click on finish.
  20. As soon as you click on the finish a series of ‘Next steps’ would be highlighted.
  21. You can also use the Structured Data Testing Tools to figure out what exactly is your page going to look like after addition of markup.
  22. You can paste the code and click on button ‘Preview’.
  23. This testing tool will show you what exactly it will look like on the Google search result.
  24. In fact, you can inspect every markup element that you have added.
  25. You can even edit the HTML code directly in the testing tool for updating the schema and preview results again if required.

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