What You Dont Know About The Internet

It only weighs the same as an egg – Although the internet is obviously indescribably huge; over a trillion easily findable pages, plus many times more than that on the dark web which cannot be found through a conventional browser, it is also tiny. Experts have calculated that if all of the electrons that make up the data on the internet were collected together, they would weight approximately fifty grams. Which is the equivalent of one medium-sized egg. That is an incredible fact considering the amount of information that the internet and world wide web contain.
What You Dont Know About The Internet
Sex is at the forefront of technology – everyone knows that sex is big on the internet – if you will pardon the pun. But most people do not realise that innovation in the internet has been largely driven by porn and sex and then adopted by mainstream web sites, apps and businesses. Streaming video, instant messaging, real time virtual reality, high resolution video. All of these were developed for and used by pornography before anything else. There would be no YouTube without PornHub. And the sheer volume of competition in the sex and adult industries is why working with a web site for the kind of woman who escorts Las Palmas visitors is much harder to make a success than pretty much anything else. Most things can be advertised with Google Adwords, or have limited compettion so that they can rank highly organically. Not so for sex and adult services.
It would take tonnes of paper to print – Scientists have tried to calculate the number of sheets of A4 paper would be required to effectively print out the web. They found that it would take approximately seven and a half million pieces of A4 just to print out wikpedia alone. The rest of the internet would require at least one hundred and thorty six billion pages. In other words, that would take sixteen million trees to make the required paper.
It is older than you think – The internet only began to explode after the rutn of the millennium. But the web had been around much longer than that. It was actually invented more than forty years ago by Tim Berners-Lee while he was working at CERN to help scientists communicate and share results quickly and easily.
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