The Day I Made a Choice to Become a Male Escort

My name is Harry, and I’m an escorting agency owner with years of experience as a male escort, I never really thought I’d ever become a male escort or even get to own an escorting agency today, my friends would know what I’m talking about. I mean, I never thought of it or even dreamt it was my calling because I used to perceive myself to be an introvert and I really enjoyed my solitude during those days before I became an escort.

Women used to hire me for a lot of reasons, mostly the ones that are rich and divorced, single or widowed. So we will be talking about a minimum of $3,000 – $4,000 per trip, right. Most of these women are usually in their 40s, which makes me believe they just want a guy who can really per attention to them, listen to them while they talk, care for them and someone they can show off. Sometimes, they need someone to share romantic times with or even sex, which is claimed not to be sold by most agencies given the stance on selling sex in the United States; so we call it selling time.

I encourage anyone who is looking to become a male escort to discover your own experience, and you’d find out if it’s your calling to become a male escort after your first few appointments. It can be an exhausting and fun occupation at the same time.

Here is how I knew I was going to become a male escort

There was this guy called “Tee”- a male escort; sheis popularly known by that pseudonym amongst his friends and clients. He was introduced to me by a friend named Mike who happens to be gay. It was my friend’s 25th birthday; I couldn’t miss it because he is a very close friend so I didn’t let my reserved behavior get in the way, virtually everyone came with someone to the party and Mike brought Tee. Till date, I still thank him for bringing Tee to that party. When Mike introduced him to us, he blushed and smiled humbly; he looked well dressed and super clean. He was so full of life.

When I was having a drink with Mike trying to catch up on moments we’ve both missed in each other’s life because it’s been close to 6 months since we last saw each other, he told me about how he just broke up with his boyfriend a few months ago. He reminded me of how he hates to go to places alone, said Tee has been acting more like the boyfriend, and I was wowed when he started talking about the things they do; like how interesting the conversations are, the moments they spend together and how honest Tee is.

I told him “dude, I have no job right now, and I’d seriously love to become a male escort,” he said he could hook me up with Tee if I want to. Forgetting how introverted and reserved I am, I quickly agreed to connect with Tee so he could link me up and he did.

During my first meeting with Tee, he told me I could even get more markets since I’m straight. He introduced me to the man that runs the agency; I was really nervous and worried when the agency owner began to tell me the things that are expected of me andthe dos and don’ts of my job. Tee noticed the nervousness in my face, and he smiled at me and rubbed his palm over his shirt trying to tell me to calm down. After the whole introduction to the job, I went ahead to see Tee, and he was like “Harry listen, if you want to become a male escort and a successful one at that, you need to be confident, honest, and super fun. You need to get that boring life you’ve always lived in out of the way and be more outgoing”. Well, that wasn’t exactly how he said it, but that’s how I can remember it.

10 years later, I have people who want to become male escorts, and I’ve filled their mind with positive vibes on how they can become better escorts and their obligations to their clients. If you are reading this Tee and Mike, I appreciate this turn in my life that you both made me take.

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