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Lily Allen Slept With Escorts To Combat Loneliness

Why Are More Women Hiring Call Girls?

The singer Lily Allen recently revealed she had hired escorts because she was lonely, and the news got lots of people talking.

As a pop star who regularly hits the headlines for her colorful private life, none of us should be surprised to find Lily Allen on the front page of a newspaper. Her latest escapades were far from your normal gossip magazine fodder though. Lily took the unprecedented step of admitting that she hired female escorts to help her during a very lonely period in her life. The story prompted a big discussion about who’s hiring escorts, and what kind of service they can provide women with.

Lily’s escort story

Lily Allen chose to confess to hiring escorts after learning that a national newspaper had got hold of the story. She wanted to talk about it in a way that wasn’t salacious, instead being honest about her experiences. Of course, some newspapers still turned the story into something sordid, but it got people thinking nonetheless. Escorts came forward too, saying how more women pay for these services than people think.

Girls want to have fun too!

The misconception that only men hire escorts is actually quite harmful. Not only does it prevent many women from reaching out and paying for a service that is available to them, but it makes the few girls that do feel ashamed. This stigma is totally unnecessary. Why should guys be out here having all the fun? A woman can get just as much out of an evening with an escort, and all the bisexual escorts in the industry treasure their dates with women.

Finding yourself

A night with an escort can really teach a woman a thing or two about herself. A female escort is going to know what pleases a woman more than any man (sorry boys!). Those intimate similarities mean that an escort can show a woman how great sex can be, and show her new ways to pleasure not only a lover, but herself too. A female escort will show her client real empathy and patience, giving her a safe space to explore her deepest desires.

Emotional support

However, an appointment with an escort is far more than just sex. Many women hire a female escort for companionship. Lily Allen said that she was lonely when she turned to escorts, and that’s more common than you think. Being able to relax and unwind with someone who cares about your needs will really help you to feel better about yourself. For many women, the physical intimacy is just a bonus – albeit a very satisfying and pleasurable one!

Only book the best

If you are thinking of taking a leaf out of Lily Allen’s book, then make sure that you only ever experiment with high class escorts. Not only do these girls provide an incredible service, but you can be sure that they don’t indulge in any risky behaviour that would put your intimate health at risk. They are always discreet too, doing everything they can to ensure that your appointment remains under wraps.

Why not give it a go?

While Lily Allen was at a low point when she hired an elite escort for Travel Companions, that’s not to say that all women who pay for erotic encounters are. Many are happy, confident and successful, and just value the convenience and no-strings fun that nights with escorts bring them. So if you are looking for an easy way to meet gorgeous women, you know what to do!

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