Getting An Escort Agency Started

Let me start with the same warning that I always do. I am going to quote Molly Blooms lawyer from the book and move Molls Game. “Don’t break the law when you are breaking the law,”. Prostitution may or may not be legal where you are. My first piece of advice, if it is illegal and you are not a career criminal, do something else. But even if the sex business is legal where your business is going to be, not paying your taxes will always be illegal. I guarantee you that if your books and tax affairs are not in clear order, you will be getting arrested and facing jail time at some point. Always pay your taxes no matter what kind of business you are in. Pay too much if you are not sure. If your accountant suggests edging things a little, say no and pay more than you have to. That is trouble that you do not want.

So, having got that off my chest, your new escort agency can either be offering out calls, where the escort girls visit the clients – usually at hotels. Or you can have an in-call agency, which usually means that your girls who escort Ibiza gentlemen are working in a massage parlour, brothel or apartments that you have set up for them to work from – and sometimes live in. If you decide to run a brothel, massage parlour, or set of apartments with girls working in them there are so many ways that you can get yourself in trouble.

The first is that you have to lay out quite large sums of money for rent, deposits, massage beds and so on. There may be licensing and regulatory issues to deal with – in Germany brothels are licensed and legal but only if they work in a certain way and have the necessary paperwork. Most businesses in most places that work retail like a massage parlour will need permits of some kind. You have the neighbors to deal with – escort girls and their clients do not always make the most considerate and pleasant neighbors, especially if there are families locally.

With in call escort agencies the Police can give you problems – especially if you do not have permits or a bad neighbour. And by being out in the public view by having locations you open you invite issues with competitors and with local hoodlums running protection rackets. All in all, unless you already know the industry intimately, not the way to start.

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