Not All Escorts Are The Same

Human trafficking, slavery, people trafficking, I hate all variations on the theme. Forcing any human being to do what they do not want to do is immoral, evil and wrong. I despise everyone involved in the trade. They are all evil scum. No exceptions. I will happily support the idea of everyone in human trafficking being punished in the most arcane ways possible. Full on medieval on them if that is what floats your boat. But I have one precondition to that. As long as the definition of human trafficking and people trafficking is limited to those who force people do things against their will. Let me be explicit. Trafficking people into prostitution is evil. But not all prostitutes have been trafficked. Its is a tautology – all Special Air Service troopers are men. But not all men are Special Air Service troopers.

I am a prostitute, a sex worker, a whore, an escort, a high class call girl. I have sex with men, women and couple for money. But that is my chosen line of work. No one forced me to start working in this business. When I choose to work as one of the best escorts Marbella can offer anyone I can. It is my choice. And when I am there, I am free to decide what bookings to take, with whom, from whom, when, where, for how long and at what prices. I can turn work down, take time off, come and go as I choose. And yes the pun was intended.

My work is my work. I chose to come into the sex industry of my own free will after realising that it was a great way to make money, especially for a woman who has always found it easy to attract men and loves to have sex. But to confuse someone in my situation with a woman who has been taken to a place against her will and is forced to have sex is insane. That is like confusing someone who choose to set up their own organic farm, spending all their savings on it and loving every day of their job with someone who is forced to pick fruit all day and will be beaten and punished if they do not hit their quota.

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